Customer of the month

Let us take this opportunity to congratulate Olivia Martin who is well known as Seemingly Immaterial for winning this month's customer spotlight.

We are thrilled to introduce one of our regular customers who is an absolute delight to serve and has given us the opportunity to showcase her talent and creative mind whilst working with our fabrics.

Her aptitude to fashion and trends is truly inspiring.

Olivia's Story!

I am Olivia, a sewing/fashion blogger behind Seemingly Immaterial (Instagram: @seeminglyimmaterial, blog:, email:

I started to sew about a decade ago, primarily as a cheaper way to get some unique clothes into my wardrobe. I’ve loved designing clothes from a young age and have always been sketching out my ideas on random scraps of paper, so bringing these things to life seemed like a natural progression for me. I took a break from sewing for a few years when I went off to university (my tiny student room would never have coped with my huge sewing stash as well as my copious number of books) and it’s only really been since then that I’ve started to push myself to learn new skills and tackle more difficult projects. The suit you see was the first time I tried tailoring, something I never thought I’d manage, and I’ve also been teaching myself how to draft patterns.

Generally, I like to create in two very different styles, either classical silhouettes in plain, subdued colours, or much more over the top outfits in bold colours and prints. I really love vintage fashion, particularly 1940’s and 50’s outfits (though sadly don’t make/wear as much of this as I’d like) and am now exceptionally partial to a bit of tailoring.

I can be quite a creature of habit, and once I find a fabric (or sewing pattern) I like, I’ll just keep using it. I made two variations on the same shirt pattern using a green then a brown Cheapfabrics paisley crepe (I also have the blue version in my stash) and I’ve so far made 3 items from a blue/green paisley Cotton Satin from Cheapfabrics – a jacket and trousers for a matching suit, and also a 1950’s style dress. I still have some of this left, and also have the same fabric in pink, which hopefully will be turned into something awesome sometime soon.



Cheapfabrics was actually the first fabric store I ever bought fabric from when I got into sewing all those years ago, and I’ve been shopping with them ever since. I love their vast range of fabrics, especially their bold prints (which may be obvious from the photos), many of which have found their way into my ever-growing fabric stash. I’ve always found them reliable and affordable, so pretty much all the fabrics I have constant need for, like linings, tulle, satin and calico, come from them as well.

I’ve got a fair few projects planned for the coming months, in fact, I have a list far longer than is feasibly possible to make in the time frame. I want to make a jacket dress out of the Cheapfabrics Cotton Print you can see in the sketch photo, and I’d also love to make an opera coat out of some brocade or velvet. Not that I have any operas to go to, but that should never stop one from having an opera coat!





Customer of the month



Why We Use Cheap Fabrics for Our Productions

Like most AmDram groups out there, The Beeches Entertainers are always on a tight budget. At the same time, it’s essential to deliver a quality production, no matter what!

From set design to makeup to costumes, it’s important to make every element of a production as believable and professional as possible. That’s where Cheapfabrics came in. We were struggling to find reasonably priced fabrics for two of our dames in our latest pantomime production, so we set about finding good quality, affordable fabrics instead. 

What We Needed

When planning the costumes for our two lovely dames, we wanted to create dresses that we bold, vivid and reflected the characters.

We looked around at various off-the-shelf options and found that they were both too expensive and also didn’t meet our specific requirements. It was then that we decided to look around for fabrics and make the two pieces ourselves.

How Cheap Fabrics Helped

When we discovered Cheapfabrics, we were delighted to find not only the specific fabric colours we wanted but also that they were very reasonably priced. When it comes to AmDram, every penny saved is vital, and Cheapfabrics helped us save a bundle!

We found the bright and cheerful Carnival Brocade in both silver and gold, which was perfect for one of our dame costumes. From there, we teamed these fabrics with pink and yellow stage satin – with some glitter tulle for good measure! We managed to make both dame dresses for a fraction of the cost of buying an off-the-shelf option. Even better, we were able to realise the exact look we had envisioned for both characters, down to the very last detail. 

The Results

On the night, the two dame dresses we created looked amazing under the stage lights as did the other costumes we stitched using Cheapfabric's materials, with lots of positive comments from the audience.           

When sourcing the fabrics, we needed to know that they were easy to work with – both concerning making (we’re not qualified seamstresses!) and during the performance. While it would have provided some extra laughs for the audience to see some unexpected bloomers, we wanted to be sure that the costumes could hold up to the rigours of performance. And this is precisely what we got!

As well as delivering a great range of quality fabrics, we know that Cheapfabrics is one resource we can rely on time and time again. We found delivery quick and very reliable, and the frequent special discounts on offer mean we can stock up for future productions! When you’re a small group with so much to do to get a production to stage, it’s good to know fabrics and costumes won’t be a hassle in the future!



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We are thrilled to announce that we are now launching a 'Customer Of The Month' feature. As a way to thank you for your custom and great feedback we would like to offer you a slot to be featured. 


By sharing your testimony and images, you have a chance to qualify and be named and given a monthly allocation on our homepage as Customer Of The Month where you can showcase your profile.

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All we would need is a description of your profile or company, anything information that you feel will spotlight you alongside any specific images you would like include, company name and contact details. If you wish to extend on how the fabrics were used, favourite products, our service etc etc and your experience with us, please do.

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