You might have noticed that the Cheap Fabrics website has undergone a big makeover recently and we’ve received some amazing feedback from our wonderful customers who are happily browsing our website and purchasing from our vast range of great quality fabrics.
Here’s just a few of the changes we’ve made to help make your experience with us even better!

New pricing structures
We understand that many of our customers like to buy their fabrics in bulk, whether they are small businesses who are lovingly creating their own products or just creative crafters that like to try their hand at something new.
That’s why we’ve created a new pricing structure so now it’s even more cost effective to stock up on our range of exceptional fabrics at a great value bulk buy price.
You might notice that we’ve also added more filters and increased our range to offer you a fantastic array of fabrics for many purposes.

New categories
Another change we’ve made to help make your online shopping experience with us better still is the new categories you’ll find on our website.
From a range of beautiful trims, fabric dyes, tassels, feathers, fasteners and dressmaking tools, our new haberdashery means that you can pick everything you need for your next project online, so there’s no need to go elsewhere!

Fabric inspiration
We know that you’re a crafty lot, so we’ve created a fantastic new blog packed full of new fabric ideas for your next project as well as some handy tips and advice to help you create something beautiful from the comfort of your own home.
We’re big fans of all things homemade, so head over to our other blog posts here and let us know if there’s anything you’d like the experts at Cheap Fabrics to cover in future posts.

Rewarding loyalty and great giveaways!
By subscribing to Cheap Fabrics, you won’t just earn loyalty points with every purchase, but you’ll also be able to enter our free competitions and giveaways!
Let us take the opportunity to congratulate our latest winner is Lesley Gunn from Beeches Entertainers who has won a £150 personalised fabric bundle. She was very delighted to have won and we look forward to her future projects to showcase.

So don’t forget to join us for our monthly quiz to win a £50 e-voucher or join in the fun with regular giveaways here. You may very well be lucky enough to win, so don’t forget to subscribe and share this post with your friends too because we’re always looking for our next lucky winner!

Like all elements of fashion and design, the world of fabric is constantly changing and evolving with trends and patterns being introduced and older ones coming back into vogue. Whether you are designing outfits for yourself to wear throughout the upcoming months or are creating new accessories for living area interiors, it’s important that you stay on trend and make sure that what you’re designing is both current and eye-catching. Read on to learn about the top trends in fabric for 2018.




The 60s was a decade that is renowned for eye-catching prints and stunning fashion, with many of the trends still relevant today. The likes of Twiggy made the mini skirt and shift dresses iconic wardrobe essentials, but it wasn’t just the shape of these styles that was important, prints played a big part too. If you’re looking to relive the 1960s through the prints that you choose to design with, stick to a few golden rules to get it right. When it comes to colours, choose off-white, camel, yellow, teal, navy and burgundy red. Let the prints really do the talking by choosing florals, geometric, circular swirls and stripes.




This unusual print has a subtle foil effect, making it perfect for designing cute dresses and tops that are inspired by the 60s. This fabric also looks great when used for cushions and even bedding.



Millennials are all about connecting with nature and getting closer to the planet, so what better way to make your creations appeal to a younger audience than by incorporating some natural elements into them? Serene and powerful in equal measure, this trend is all about texture. Colours that are featuring in this trend include beige, taupe, nude, blush pink, ochre green and turquoise. When it comes to patterns, opt for natural textures, open knits and tribal influences.
Check out our Tribal Rayon fabric, which makes use of eye-catching yellows and reds.



The boho trend is popular every year and looks especially good when it comes to designing women’s clothing. Key colours include purple, mauve, maroon and burnt orange. Look out for floral, swirling and feather patterns.
Take a look at our Chiffon Georgette Prints for some great boho inspiration.




The best fabrics for spring are ready to be discovered as the sun is just getting ready to come out and flowers are in bloom. Yes, when spring has sprung, it’s a great time of year, not just for the weather and your surroundings, but also for fabrics.

Whether you are designing clothes and occasion wear, bed linen and other homewares or toys for children, there’s plenty of spring appropriate fabrics that will inspire you to create stunning pieces that you’ll be keen to make use of all year round.

Read on to find out more about the best fabrics to use during spring.



Linen textiles are some of the oldest in the world and people have been making clothes out of this material for centuries, and when you learn about  the benefits of using this material it’s easy to see why Linen is made of natural fibre and light weave, which means it allows for maximum breathability, perfect for when the weather is beginning to hot up. It can provide you with excellent coolness and is also a really stylish option, particularly when it is used to make shirts or shorts.  Check out our wide range of linen fabric, we have a variety of coloured and prints options available so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs.




Florals and spring go hand in hand, so mimic what is taking place outside with the fabrics that you choose. Florals look great when used to design clothes for adults and children alike and also work really well for home interiors. Think crisp, white bed linen scattered with floral pillows. Could anything sound more seasonally appropriate?

We stock a vast range of floral fabrics to choose from.  Have you seen this stunning range of floral prints .  These fabrics will look great when used to create a pretty spring style dress or curtains for breezy bedrooms.





What is it with Gingham and making you think of picnics in the park with your friends? There’s something eternally comforting about the print, making it great for homewares like table clothes and tea towels. It’s also a very stylish print that you will see featured in clothes stocked at all the big high street brands so is great for making clothes with to. Check out our range of gingham prints.



Welcome to Cheap Fabrics, the one destination where all of your fabric dreams and expectations can be met and exceeded. We are a family run business based in Berkshire with over 40 years of experience in the textile industry, so when you choose to shop with us you can be sure that you are investing in both quality and expertise.

Read on to find out more about what we offer.


A wide range of fabrics

Beautiful fabric plays a part in so many aspects of people’s day to day lives, which is why we pride ourselves on being able to provide such a vast array of fabrics for you to choose from. Whether its upholstery for a set of gorgeous new curtains or cushion covers, lace for a wedding dress you are designing or fur for a new rug that you just have to have in your living room, you’ll find everything that you need on our all-encompassing site. Other fabrics that we stock include silk, calico, muslin, PVC, corduroy, gingham, Chinese fabrics and much more.

Prices that are inclusive

Fabric is luxurious, but that doesn’t mean that it should be seen as a luxury. We think that everyone, regardless of background or income, should be able to enjoy stunning fabrics at prices that don’t break the bank. That’s why we make sure that all of the fabrics that we stock are affordable. UK customers will also be able to benefit from a low cost delivery service of just £3.95.

Try before you buy

Seeing a fabric that you love on a website is one thing, but experiencing what that fabrics looks and feels like in real life is usually what will make you fall in love with it. We know how important it is to see your fabrics first hand before you invest in them, which is why we offer a sample service on all of our fabrics. Buy samples from us for a nominal cost of just 99p.


We know how important it is to listen to the needs of the people that we sell to and tailoring our offering, which is why we are now offering a number of optimized features on our site including customer loyalty points, telephone orders, bulk buys,  dedicated student discounts and an enhanced filter system to locate your ideal product..

We hope that you enjoy using our site and shopping for stunning fabrics with us.